Life After Adoption

You brought home your new son or daughter, now what? 

Well, you are going to need parenting strategies that are specific to your child's needs. Your current strategies more than likely will not work with the child you brought home, because of the trauma he or she has experienced, even if you adopted them at birth.

Calvary Support Services

If you attend Calvary Church, we want to provide your family with the ability to focus on what's important; spending time together and bonding with your new child. For that reason we would like to offer you some support to make this transition smoother. Just follow the links to email us. Don't forget to tell us your request.

Parenting Resources

These are four experts in the field of trauma and bonding that will help you better understand your child's needs and give you some guidance on how to be a informed and better prepared parent.

Special Needs

These links will direct you to various steps, depending on your child's age, to help with free resouces and support.  From physical therapy, occopational therapy, speech thereapy to any other therapy, these resources will plug your child in and start the progress path.